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Here you can explore Iran’s beetles including more than 1,000 photos of families Allecullidae, Anaspididae, Bruchidae, Cantharidae, Carabidae, Cleridae, Dermestidae, Meloidae and ...

Wasps and Bees

Ever wondering what species of wasps are found in Iran? Here you can explore families of Cephidae, Ampulicidae, Anderenidae, Chrysididae, Cleptidae, Leucospidae, Megachilidae and many ...


Get to know flies found in Iran. You can access photos of Agromyzidae, Anthomyiidae, Asilidae, Dolichopdidae, Heleomyzidae, Tabanidae, Therevidae and more families...


We have found Acanthosomatidae, Alydidae, Aradidae, Miridae, Rhopalidae, Rhyparochromidae, Stenocephalidae, Tingidae and more of bugs’ families so far …


We have categorized other insects here. This section will be updated once in a while with our interesting must-see photos. 



Now you can explore families of spiders in Iran including Agelenidae, Amaurobiidae, Araneidae, Argiopidae, Clubionidae, Cybaeidae, Linyphiidae, Loxoscelidae, Lycosidae and …

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Seyyed Mohammad Taqavi Ahrami has photographed insects in various areas of Iran in past 13 years. He holds M.S. Degree in Biochemistry from Germany. With his lifelong passion for nature, he has photographed around 25000 photos of Iran’s spiders and beetles, bugs, flies, wasps and bees along with other insects.

Mohammad uses photo comparison to identify photos, capitalizing on our eager visitors to help us improve our identification by reporting us any mistakes they may find.  We are also eager to receive our Iranian visitors’ photos of insects to further complete our website.

This site is not affiliated to any organization, or other similar web domains, and is run on a voluntary basis. Hope you find it useful. Please do not hesitate to write to us! Your feedback helps us improve Insects of Iran.com


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